Let’s find your happiness food.

Here is a wonderland of food.
Wouldn’t you like to find your “happy food”?


The times when a meal is obsessed with uneasiness now.
Chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Camouflage,Food poisoning、It is expensive even if of high quality…

“I do not eat to get thinner”“I should eat only this”

You think like that, and does it not become difficult even to eat properly?

The meal being essential to live.
However, not only that.

When we eat delicious things, get happy.
Depending on contents, we become the health beautifully than now.

“eat happiness”“Happiness food”

It is pleasant to eat so as to be able to say so.
And I think that it is to live wealthily.


The meal is actually more fun.
We are used to both the heart and the health more neatly better if we change the meal.
you don’t know is What a waste!

There were a lot of good things close, and we who ran the agriculture always thought so.


Sleeping in local Kyushu, safe, well to the body, delicious food.

With a great idea and technology, passion of the producers.

The deep knowledge for the natural foods which I got from experience of the longtime food sale.

I collected all which we had in this shop.


In fact, the name called “Tamachan” is a real name of our mother。

For everyone, paying attention to the family of the mind and body, gives us peace of mind and spirit, I want to be a presence, such as such “momma”.