We will introduce the recommended products of “Tamachan shop”


The enzyme which evolved!The ideal enzyme that combines enzyme and vitamin C.We considered a body really, and made an enzyme.


The first squeeze low molecular collagen.Luxurious collagen of the enzyme technology which does not include glucide and lipid.

-Lactic acid bacteria-

Good bacteria care new lactic acid bacteria beverage.1,929,300 million vegetable lactic acid bacteria and animal lactic acid bacterium and bifidus bacillus are included in one bag.

-Sun screen-

Silk wraps an ingredient of a plant and a fruit veil gently.
Without white float, sunscreen beauty liquid type to protect from the damage of UV rays.

-hair oil-

To hair to be surprised at for only one second.The best hair oil is born at last.Including the Argan oil, luxury vegetable oil blend.

-hand cream-

It was born from the force and the new technology of the plant.Hand cream birth of a new sense of cream and lotion.